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Sunday, March 11, 2007

What's in your fridge?

These are the essentials of my kitchen: garlic and garlic-chile sauce. My local supermarket chain Market Basket, which is owned by the Demoulas family, sells tubs of whole peeled garlic cloves (they're Greek, after all). You can also get a bag of Persian limes for two bucks! Short of actually buying your fruits and veggies at a produce market, I've found Market Basket to be a chef's best friend, which is why I'm hoping the company succeeds in opening a new store here in Gloucester that'll almost be within walking distance of my house.

And as for the Sriracha Hot Sauce, I've waxed rhapsodic about it in a previous post, but I literally go a little batty if I don't maintain a constant supply of the stuff. I can't imagine eating breakfast without a squirt of the stuff on my eggs, lunch without a shot of it in my tuna salad or garnishing a grilled cheese sandwich, and I've found recently that it works even better than Tabasco when added to cream-based soups like chowders (with all due apologies to the McIlhenny Family!).

So what are your essential ingredients? Take the Fridgecam Challenge and send your pic to me - I'll post it here along with anything you have to say about it.

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